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Adventure in Ochoco National Forest

I had been craving a trip to the Ponderosa Pine forests of Central Oregon for a few weeks so I figured why not make it a backpacking trip. To make it even better I asked Scarecrow, a guy I hiked a good 1,800 miles with on the Pacific Crest Trail.

We decided on the general area we would hike; Lookout Mountain near Prineville, Oregon. Lookout Mountain is the highest point in Crook County.At 6926 feet it provides outstanding vistas of nearly all the peaks in the Cascades as well as epic views east to the Strawberry Mountains.

We started off from the lower trailhead which is near the CCC camp and ranger station. As the trail started up there were more and more ice patches and snow leftover from a previous snow. The trail as easy to find for about the first 8 miles. After that all bets were off. Once we hit deep snow( about knee deep and much worse postholes) we decided we were just going to head for the highest point we could find. After a fairly strenuous climb up lose rock and icy sno…

Purpose... Or Lack Thereof

I've decided to start writing this blog to document my attempt at eating as locally as humanly possible. I'll be keeping track of the brands, cost and of course quality of all of the food. I'll also be documenting my attempts at growing food on the back patio of my apartment. I'm hoping this turns out as somewhat of a guide for all of the Cascadians out there to support our economy and maybe just maybe be a little bit healthier.