Indigo Springs Campground Willamette National Forest

The turnoff from FR 21 for Indigo Springs Campground
While planning a hike to Mount Yoran via the Divide Lake trail I came across the Indigo Springs Campground on Forest Service map and figured that it would be worth checking out. Going to school five days a week and working one leaves far too little time to get out into the woods, so my friend and I planned to camp at Indigo Springs Campground in order to get an early start hiking the next day.

Indigo Creek not far from Indigo Springs

We arrived well after dark and were hoping the place was empty, but we showed up at there was and one of the four sites occupied. Knowing that it was hunting season and not wanting the other people to think we were going to be hunting in 'their' area I immediately got out and talked with the guys. It turned out to be a father and his two sons, they were all friendly. They told us that the best site for tent camping was the just up from were we had parked. Shortly after getting settled we had a fire going, steaks grilling and beer pouring.

One of the small campsites
Our campsite for the night

If there isn't a chance of rain and there isn't swarms of biting insects I prefer to not use a tent, also known as cowboy camping. In developed campgrounds it will often get you some strange looks from those who like to bring all the 'comforts' of home.

Near Indigo Springs

One of the many parts of Indigo Springs

 There is a short trail from the campground that leads to Indigo Springs, the distance has to be under 1/10 of a mile. After crossing Indigo Creek on a bridge there are two picnic tables, spaced out nicely, these spots could be used for camping if you want some more privacy. This is definitely a place I want to come back to, I would imagine that after hunting season you could have it to yourself until Summer. Also this campground has access to the Middle Fork Willamette Trail, across FR 21. There is no room for trailers or RVs.

Directions from Oakridge
: Follow Highway 58 east for 2 miles turn right onto Kitson Springs Road, Follow for .5 mile turn right onto FR 21, Follow FR 21 for approximately 27 miles turn left at the well marked entrance. 

Elevation: 2,800 feet

Fees: None

Water: None, but the incredible spring is nearby

Bathroom: One pit toilet

Trash: One trash can 

Usage: Light, one other campsite was occupied

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