Mount Yoran Via the Divide Lake Trail

The lower half of Mount Yoran and Divide Lake

There are quite a few routes that one could take to explore the area around Mount Yoran, this trip I decided to take the Divide Lake trail from the Vivian Lake trailhead. This route is awesome because it passes by Notch Lake and gives you incredible views of Diamond Peak.

Vivian Lake Trailhead

Shoes of choice: FiveFingers Classic

The trail begins in a fairly open area that is lined with Huckleberries, so if you plan to hike this and want to eat as you go I would come sometime in August or September. Sadly there were very few Huckleberries left. Shortly after you begin your hike you enter the Diamond Peak Wilderness. At a little under a mile you will come to the beautiful Notch Lake. I spotted one awesome campsite fairly close to the trail.

Great campsite near Notch Lake
 The area around Notch Lake was still fairly moist considering there hasn't been much, if any rain in the last three months. If you were to come here in spring or fall you would probably be getting your feet wet in this section of trail.

Small pond near Notch Lake

Huge Fungi, not sure on the name.
Not long after Notch Lake you begin a climb that brings you onto a prominent ridge. This gives you some incredible views of namesake of this Wilderness; Diamond Peak. Huckleberries were also all around this area.

Diamond Peak from the Divide Lake Trail

Huckleberries providing beautiful fall color
Shortly you will drop south from the saddle towards Divide Lake. There are some awesome campsites on the north and northwest sides, we primarily hung out at the one closest to the trail though. The water was cold, clear and beautiful!

Mountian Hemlock dominate the forest around Divide Lake

Reflection of the forest in Divide Lake
After soaking up some of the warm October sun we decided it was time to head to Oakridge for some beers. If you're in the area Brewers Union Local 180 is the best place for food and beer! If you're looking for somewhere great to camp nearby check out the Indigo Springs Campground. This hike definitely left me wanting to explore the Diamond Peak Wilderness more, I've already got one snowshoe trip planned!

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Directions from Oakridge:
Follow Highway 58 for 2 miles, turn right onto Kitson Springs Road, .5 mile continue straight onto FR 23, follow for 19.5 miles( 15.5 pavement/4 gravel), turn left at the hiker symbol/Vivian Lakes sign.  

Trailhead Elevation:
Approximately 5,500

Hike Distance: 8.1 miles according to Garmin Oregon 550 GPS 

Hike Type: Out and Back

Elevation Gain: Approximately 1,000 feet

Highest Point:
6,500 feet

Medium ran into 8 other hikers

Difficulty: 2 out of 5

Fees: None

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Campsite at Divide Lake

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