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Boy Scout Tree Trail: Jedediah Smith State Park

There is something so remarkable about an old-growth Coast Redwood forest that saving the redwoods was an early cause for conservationists. Sadly the majority of it's native range was privately owned thus has been clear-cut many times and replaced with Douglas-fir plantations in some areas. Thankfully some incredible, though fragmented patches of native forest were placed under the control of the state of California or the federal government. Jedediah Smith State Park is the farthest north of the jointly managed Redwoods National and State Parks system, it's also home to the largest Coast Redwood. There is appoximately 18 miles of hiking trails within Jedediah Smith State Park; the Boy Scout Tree trail is one of the most impressive.

The Boy Scout Tree trail is one of my favorites in the redwoods because of the lack of road noise and that it's lined by old-growth Coast Redwoods the majority of the hike. Most trails within the redwoods pass through different types of fores…

Wall Warm Spring

While looking for a few new places to explore I came across Wall Warm Spring. It looked like a beautiful spot to soak and enjoy some of the sun we rarely experience this time of year. After spending some time at the enjoyable but busy, McCredie Hot Springs we decided to check out Wall Warm Spring.
The short hike down to Wall Warm Spring is along the beautiful Wall Creek which is surrounded by breathtaking native forest.

Realizing from a distance that there was no steam rising from Wall Warm Spring we guessed that it would be hot enough to enjoy a soak in. Sadly we were correct it was likely around 90-95 degrees, which would have felt decent had the weather been a little bit warmer. I'm not sure if it's prohibited by the Forest Service, but there was a two camping areas set up near Wall Warm Spring. One is just upstream from the spring, the other is up a fairly steep trail to the east.

Directions from Oakridge: Follow East first street east until it turns into FR 24/Salmon C…

Fall Creek National Recreation Trail: Dolly Varden to Puma

Fall Creek National Recreation Trail (NRT) is an incredible gem not far from Eugene. During the summer the area is fairly busy because of the beautiful and cool creek. On any warm day one would likely run into a number of people swimming, fishing and hiking. But while it's still relatively cold there are few people that venture away from the road. Obviously swimming is currently out of the picture, unless you're crazy, the water temperature is between 42 and 45 degrees. Though in the summer it warms to around 65 degrees, which is perfect on a hot summer day. Our hike of the Fall Creek NRT had us starting at Dolly Varden Campground and turning around at Puma Campground.

The Fall Creek area has been home to quite a bit of controversy related to forest 'management' techniques. Plans to clear-cut a substantial area of old-growth forest sparked a 6 year tree sit that saved an incredible area. Shortly after this tree-sit ended and the timber sale was withdrawn a fire burne…