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Ochoco Mountain Trail: Cottonwood Creek to Boeing Field Trailhead

Knowing that we would be climbing around 1,800 feet over about three miles we set a fairly slow pace out from Cottonwood Creek. At first the trail was easy to find as it went from steep to flat over a series of benches that were covered in large ponderosa pine. Route finding on this section of trail wasn't particularly bad, but there was a section where young Douglas-fir has encroached. Also be mindful of switchbacks, often game trails continue straight when the hiking trail does not. As you near the Cottonwood Creek trailhead the trail becomes incredibility steep, thankfully this section only lasts about 1 mile. Once we hit the Cottonwood Creek trailhead we took a well needed break. There was a couple of interesting historical signs at this well marked trailhead.

After crossing FR 38 we began our decent into the Black Canyon Wilderness. The Payten trail once ran to an old homestead as mentioned above, but that route had run through private land for many years without a proper r…