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Crescent Mountain Trail to Shedd Shelter

During the summer of 2012 I spent a considerable amount of time hiking in the Sweet Home Ranger District. It seems that many people skip over the incredible Old Cascades in favor of the larger and more dramatic Cascades. My hike to the summit of Crescent Mountain was covered in a post last year, so I won't focus very much of that section of the hike. My friend Edward and I wanted to check out a portion of the Old Cascades Crest Trail system which runs around a very large primarily roadless area that lies west of Highway 22 and north of Highway 20. Our planned route was to take the Crescent Mountain Trail to the South Pyramid Trail which would lead us down to the Middle Santiam River and the Shedd Shelter.

Though not necessary for the hike the short trail to the summit of Crescent Mountain is a must. After taking in the views of all central Oregon Cascades the trail north becomes much more overgrown as it steeply descends the northern flank of Crescent Mountain. Towards the end o…