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Diamond Peak Wilderness: Marie and Rockpile Lakes

After setting out from the Emigrant Pass trailhead north on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), I quickly remembered why people avoid the area until September. The mosquitoes were pretty incredible. There are countless small ponds along with the occasional lake. Mountain hemlock is the dominate forest tree through out Diamond Peak Wilderness.

Nearly 3 miles of your hike to Marie Lake is along the almost flat PCT. After turning left at the four way trail junction you will descend along a path that was once a road. Thankfully the Diamond Peak Wilderness was designated in 1964 which prevents motorized access.  Both Rockpile and Marie Lakes are beautiful, but Marie won my heart.

 Marie Lake is relatively warm by western Oregon standards, but after a short swim setting up my tent was absolutely necessary. The mosquitoes along the lake shore would have been an absolute nightmare without a tent. There was another group camped along the western shore, but I only heard them right around sunset.