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Top Five Spring Hikes in Western Oregon

This has been the winter that won't seem to end. With fresh snow falling in the Cascades this week it likely take well into July for the snow to melt off trails above 5,000 feet. So if you're wanting to get out and enjoy the warm weather coming this weekend and next week check out these hikes.

5) Henline Falls

Located in the exceptional Opal Creek Wilderness, this short trail passive by relics from bygone mines and ends at a beautiful waterfall near a mine shaft. Rumor has it there are several other waterfalls to be explored upstream. Directions, additional photos, and GPS tracks can be found here. After being closed for the majority of 2015 because of fire damage the trail has been reopened by the outstanding Santiam River Zone Trail Crew.

4) Silver Falls State Park: Trail of Ten Falls

Silver Falls State Park is the crown jewel of Oregon's park system. The most famous of trails is the Trail of Ten Falls, which frequently results in quite busy trails. Thankfully if you …